Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ottawa, Canada

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Ottawa for a day. I absolutely love it.  It such a beautiful city with beautiful restaurant, building, shops and views.  I decide to share with you some pictures that I took while I was there.

Do you have any suggestions of places to visit? Do you go on a trip this summer? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Vanier Cup

This weekend I went to the Vanier Cup in Montreal. It was an amazing experience. First, congrats to the Carabins from Universit√© de Montreal who win the cup 20-19.  I also want to say that the Marauders  from McMaster University were amazing at the Vanier Cup! Congrats to both teams!

I never be at a football game in my life before, of course I watch football game at home.  The ambiance was incredible. I just can't wait for the next season to go at another and more football games. The only thing is that it was very cold outside by the end of the game.

Here some photos of the game:

Have you been at a football game or at the Vanier Cup? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pick Apples

The last  Friday I went pick apples with a couple of friends. We have so much fun and the view was amazing too.  I decide to share some pictures from it. We went at the Domaine De Dunham.

I honestly like doing some activities like that. It's a great way to discover new places and having fun. I know it's  been a while since I post on this blog, I'll try to do more blog post like this one here. 

Do you like going to pick apples with your friends or family? What is your favourite autumn activities? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My EF Experience

Today I decide to talk about my experience at Education First.  Education First is an international languages school. You can learn English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. You can choose what type of course that you want like the intensive one, the general one and more.  It's also a good way to learn a new language or improve one that you are learning at the moment and travelling at the same time.  Summer is almost here, some of you want to improve more their English or another languages and want to travel. Well, Education First is the perfect school  for that.

About two years ago, I went to Education First Santa Barbara in California. I met people from all around the world and make friends from all around the world that I'm still in contact today, isn't it awesome!?!  I went for two weeks & these two weeks are my favourite weeks so far in my life. I learn a lot about myself, about new culture and of course I  improve more my English.  To be honest with you, if I could take another course with them today I will definitely take it. I'm not too bad in English and I'm not perfect too, so I can learn more and improve more my English. If I could take another course with them I'll definitely take it in England or Ireland.

Their course are awesome, it's interactive and you are with people from all around the world. Approximately nobody speak the same languages in your class, so obviously you have to speak English. I don't know for you, but you know when you was/are in your English class in high school or other language class, if you don't know how to say something in that languages, you'll say it in your language and you know that everyone will understand, well, with education first you can't do that. Maybe one person in your class will understand, but the rest  of them will not understand at all. It's one think that I really enjoy about it.

Another awesome thing about this school is the fact that you don't have school all day, it's like at the University or at College, you have a schedule, so you have time to visiting the city where you are. Also, with the school you can take some trip for the weekend or for a week day to visiting  the country or part of the country that you are in.  Me, when I was in Santa Barbara I took a tour that we visited Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Honestly, it was one of my favourite days of this experience.

I suggest everyone who want to learn a new language or improve one to take a course with them. I definitely like my experience and it gives the taste of studying abroad, travelling a lot more and learning about different culture.

If you have any questions about Education First or my experience leave me a comment below! It'll be a pleasure to answer you!! :) 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Be you & Believe in Yourself

Today I decide to write about being yourself. Back in January, I did a post on my fashion blog about style more particular about copying and taking inspiration of someone.  Here the link of the post: . This post  can complete the style post.

These days, is very easy to "copying" or want it to be like another person because  what they do work very well. When you think about it, if everyone will be like others, nobody will have a great career or be able to accomplish some awesome thing and  inspire some others.  Your model, whoever this person is, it can be a celebrity or your mother, cousin or brother, they are all unique and they are your model for a reason, like the accomplish something very awesome, their way to think, their hard work or even their personality.  I'm probably sure that everyone wants to be a model for someone else because you know that you do something great that you are unique and that you are who you are.

Be Yourself, is the most important thing in life.  If you go at a job interview, you want to show who you are  and you will do it  by your appearance and personality. Also, being yourself will make you feel happy and proud. If you don't like something about your personality or who you are, you can evaluate, but never forget who you are. Don't be someone that other want you to be, but be who you want to be and be yourself.   everyone is unique everyone have their own personality, have their own default and quality, is at you to show it.

Something that can help to be who you are is when you believe in you. If you believe in you and believe in what you love things will see more easy to do. Being positive, will bring you a positive day and a positive life.  Something that is sure, is people who have success at work and in life, they believe in themselves, and they are themselves.

Take  moment and think about the person around you  who have success at work or in life in general, who inspire you and who make you want doing something big, don't you think they are unique, they are themselves and  believe in themselves? If yes, you know exactly what you have to do. Be yourself and believe in you. Also, be proud of who you are.

Another thing I want to write about is haters and stuff like that. You have to realize that no matter who you are or what you do, in life  some people will love you, some others will like you, some others will hates you as others will just don't care about you. It's there everywhere you go. Don't let hates makes you down and make you giving up on your dream. Ignore them & work for your dream, prove them that they are wrong and that what you want will work. Also, don't let them make you stopping doing something that you like, continue to do it, if you stop doing something it's like if you let them win.  Be strong, ignoring them, being yourself, believing in you and be proud of you will make you stronger and stronger, happier and happier.

I really hope  you enjoy this post will help some of you who have to find themselves or need to read something positive or just a little reminder about being yourself.  If you have any advice about being yourself or believing in you write a comment below!  NEVER FORGET TO BE YOURSELF AND BE PROUD TO BE WHO YOU ARE.  People want to find someone unique...

What do you think ? Leave me a comment below! :) 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Summer To do List 2014:

I know we are at two months from summer, but I decide to make my summer To Do List. I decide to make it because some things I want to do take preparation and time to organize. Also, sometimes, when you make a to do list you are more motivated to do the things you need before doing your activities.

My Summer To Do List:

-Play Volleyball
-Going at the beach
-Bike ride
-Road trip
-Pool party
-Mountain hiking
-Visiting a new city (travel)
-Read a book

Here something I have to do before the summer arrive:
-Be in shape (working out) for camping, volleyball, mountain hiking, bike ride &  wakeboarding/wakesurfing.
-Find the time and the place for visiting a new city and travel a little bit.
-Find people for playing volleyball.

Of course my summer gonna be also a bit spontaneous because you never know the future, maybe something will happen that you didn't plan and it gonna be awesome. I do think it's always  good having some project that you planned to do during your holiday, but never overload it because you never what happens, so maybe, it'll make you miss some activities that you had planned.

What do is your summer To Do List?  Do you have any suggestions for a place to travel? Leave me a comment below!!:) 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Workout + healthy Food

These days,  you see a lot of people workout and be very healthy (eat healthy food). Some people will call it a diet, I actually call it lifestyle. You know, eating healthy food and do a workout it's not just for people who want to lose weight,  who plays sport or want to have some muscle, it's also for everyone who wants to have a good shape, want to be healthy, doesn't any health problem and want to feel comfortable. I'm pretty sure when you'll become older,  your body will thank you  to be healthy when you was young.

Eating healthy food is very good, but you also have to be equilibrate, not just eating salad. I know that when you want to lose weight, you go to eat just some salad, a lot of veggies, it's great, but you also have to eat some proteins & eat different veggies, eating fruits to have natural sugar. I'm not a nutritionist, but about a year ago I went to see her and she explained a lot of things. When you want to gain weight, some people will go to eat cakes, hamburgers, french fries and more. It's not good at all for your health. You still have to eat good food and workout it's just the quantity that you have to eat. Eat more than you do usual. When you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and when you want to be stable you eat some normal portion that. (eat same numbers of calories as you burn).  Never forget that eat healthy food is a lifestyle it's not a diet to people  who want to loose weight, because if it's that everyone is on a diet.

Workout is important for many things. You can be less stressful because of it. I know some of you will say I don't have time to do one hour of workout in a day, I'm busy.  Actually, I have a tips for you,  the nutritionist that I see a year ago, told me that if you do 30 minutes of cardio the morning, before your breakfast, it's like one hour of cardio. So, the time that you do the morning before  you eat your breakfast is equal the twice of time you did. Isn't it amazing, right?  So, you can wake up a bit more earlier the morning for doing a 20 minutes or 30 minutes of cardio in the morning.  I know that some of you don't like going at the gym, I totally understand you, it's why I found a couple of months ago, some youtube channels  where the film some workout, gives you advice and tips. They explain very well every step of what you have to do.  I really like it.  Here the tree I really like:  Tone It Up (They also have a website where you can find some healthy recipes and more things: ) The Lean Machines & Blogilates ( here a second channel: BlogilatesTV)

Never forgot that eat healthy food and workout is a lifestyle. Also, you can eat some treats like twice a week, not everyday.

Workout, eat healthy food and enjoy life !!

Do you have other workout/fitness youtube channel suggestion or website? Leave me a comment below! :)